Toddler Plus Mrs. Hassett

, 2018

Objectives for the month
- to identify first and last names
-to interact with peers
-matching like objects and pictures
-identifying red, orange, yellow 
-setting up for snack independently
-following classroom routines
-counting 1-5
-matching shapes

Themes:  Nursery Rhymes, fall, Thanksgiving 
Social Skills:  Interacting with other children, sharing, 
Literacy:  recognizing first and last name when called, recognizing picture, listening to a story, 
Basic Concepts:   big and small, stop and go
Fine Motor:  Coloring,  painting, playdough
Self Help Skills:  cleaning up after snack and after playtime, sitting in a group during circle time, washing hands
Religion:  saying good morning to Jesus, praying before snack, singing a song to God. 
Math:  counting from 1-5, matching  
Music:  We will be singing songs such as Open Shut them, The Hello Song, Head and shoulders, Leaves falling all around,  If God loves you and you know it.
Movement:  moving in different ways to music, following directions in songs,
 walking on a line.