Week of January 22-January 25:
(Homework posted is merely a guide and may change depending on what is covered in class)


Tuesday-: Write spelling words 3 times each Get Spelling Test signed and return tomorrow

Math WB p 397-398 Math Facts Worksheet

Read for 20-30 min

Wednesday- Write spelling words in abc order 
Math WB pg 405-406 Practice Math Facts
Research project due tomorrow Read for 20-30 min

Thursday- Write spelling words in sentences
Study for spelling test Math WB pg 411-412 Math Facts Worksheet Read for 20-30 min
Spelling Words: comb, crumb, scene, scent, gnat, sign, knife, know, wrist, writing, cube, music, don’t, eat, very
High Frequency Words: many, morning, through, very, sleep, eat, colors, down, below, don’t

*Please return workbooks to school every day!