Spanish 4/5
¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! Yo soy Señorita Rupes. In Spanish 4 & 5, students will learn the significance of the Spanish language and culture. Students will have the opportunity of becoming immersed in the Spanish language and culture.

For Spanish 4/5, grading will be based off of class projects, quizzes, participation, and homework. Any upcoming quizzes and projects will be shared with students in advance.

5th grade: Due 10/2/18 Teach parents Spanish worksheet

This year in Spanish we are learning.....
"Me llamo" and other greetings 
Numbers 0-20 in Spanish 
Spanish birthday traditions
Spanish "dia de la hispanidad"
Spanish speaking countries
las posadas
school vocabulary 
Spanish pronouns
Town words
Family words
Conjugating verbs in Spanish
Family traditions

4B "tarea" (homework)-
Due: Friday 9/14/18-get course outline signed

5th grade homework

Due: Tuesday 9/18/18-get course outline signed