A Message from Father Tony Stanganelli, our Executive Pastor

A Message from Father Tony
Posted on 09/03/2017
Fr. Tony

September 2017

Dear School Families,

The summer just flew by! Somewhere around mid-August, I began to wonder what happened to the summer that I was anticipating for such a long time. I am sure that many of you had that same feeling as you were getting things ready for the beginning of your child’s new school year. Those opening days of September are filled with excitement, for sure, as kids get together making new friends or telling old friends all the great exploits and adventures of the summer now gone. Yes, our beautiful Saint Brigid/Our Lady of Hope School is busting with excitement as our children get ready for a new school year. But somehow, all of us wonder, “What happened to summer?”

Life just moves by at an ever-increasing speed for all of us – and it is hard to take the time to slow down and savor each moment as it is happening. But maybe as we think about how fast the summer went by us, we might learn the valuable lesson to enjoy each moment as it is happening. Our life here at Saint Brigid/Our Lady of Hope School is jammed packed with so many events and activities – and it’s all so good! Let’s just help each other stay in the moment, and open our hearts to the ways in which God will be present to us in each moment, offering us his faithful love, his grace and his blessing. In both the joys and the challenges of this year, our God will be there to bless us and encourage us. I don’t want to move through this year at such a speed that I miss experiencing the tender compassion of our God who wants to love us right here, right now.

So together we begin this great new adventure – a new year filled with all the spectacular things that we will experience together as a school community. I am grateful for your commitment and presence to this family of faith, and I know for certain that because of your commitment, we will have an awesome year together! May you always be assured of my love and prayer for you and your family.

Father Tony Stanganelli