Personal Appearance

The Administration and Faculty ask for parent support and cooperation in carrying out the following regulations.

Boys: Hair is to be no longer than collar length. No tails, no spike hair cuts, or sculptured cuts are permitted. Braids are not permitted. Jewelry, other than a small, simple cross, may not be worn. Earrings may not be worn. Hair may not be dyed.

Girls: No makeup or nail polish is to be worn. Jewelry, other than a small simple cross may not be worn. No dangling or hoop earrings, chains or bracelets may be worn in the interest of safety. Only small stud earrings may be worn. Hair extensions that interfere with class performance or physical activity are not permitted, and may not be worn.

Hats, jackets, and coats may not be worn in the building.

Please note: Disciplinary action will be taken by the principal or teacher, if there is any infraction of these rules. We expect that parents will provide clean garments every day, and that proper hygiene relative to body care and hair care will be practiced on a daily basis.