School Board

School Board

The Regional School Board is comprised of the pastors of the two sponsoring parishes, five members appointed by the pastors (three members from the Parish of St. Brigid and two members from Our Lady of Hope Parish), the principal, the president of the Parents' Association, and the Secretary to the Board. 

The Board meets monthly September through June at the school.  The duties of the School Board include setting school policy, authorizing expenditures, and advising the principal. The Board conducts itself in a manner that is consistent with the teachings, traditions, and philosophies of the Roman Catholic Church. The chairperson and principal preside over all the meetings of the Regional School Board and appoint the chairs and all members of any committee.

Appointed Members of the Regional School Board:
Mrs. Barbara Cooper
Dr. Sean Fanelli
Mrs. Lisa Kumbatovic, Chairperson
Mr. Pedro Quintanilla
Mrs. Nicole Wiegand

Ex Officio Members of the Regional School Board:
Rev. Tony Stanganelli, Pastor of St. Brigid's Parish and Executive Pastor of the Regional School
Rev. Thomas V. Arnao, Pastor of Our Lady of Hope Parish
Mr. Paul P. Clagnaz, Principal
Mrs. Noreen Mormando, Parents' Association President
Mrs. Terri Ruggiero, Secretary to the Board