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*Homework posted is merely a guide and may change depending on what is covered in class.

*The Math workbook must be sent back to school everyday.

*All textbooks should be returned the day of the test. Happy Studying

*Spelling words for the week of 3/27:
​ room, flu, June, new, glue, fruit, crook, could, full, push, point, coin, along, ever, strong
*Spelling words for the week of 4/3:​ ball, small, paw, jaw, pause, sauce, taught, chalk, walk, sought, new, fruit, city, own, read

Spelling words 3x each
Math pages 703-704
Grammar ditto

Spelling words ABC order
Math Review Packet *Test Tomorrow
Reading ditto

Spelling choose any 5 words and define 
Math ditto *Test Today
Grammar ditto

Spelling use all words in sentences *Spelling Test Tomorrow
Math pages 697-698
Reading ditto

*Spelling Test Today