3B Ms. Barbara Young


Yoga was lovely today, the class did an excellent job.  I am so very proud of my class!

Please send in a "yoga mat" labelled with your child's name by next week.  A bath mat or beach towel works well, it does not have to be an official yoga mat.

We need wide mouth glass jars.  Please send in any spaghetti sauce jars, peanut butter jars, etc as we are going to make sedimentary rock.

If anyone can donate any the following (in the name of science), I would be very grateful:

one bag of potting soil

a box of clay

colored chalk-we could use more

a couple of bags of (craft) stones/rocks

Thank you! :)



Please use the sidebar to click on the homework link each day as the homework changes daily.  Your child is also responsible to have a copy of the daily homework assignments and the spelling/vocabulary words in their ELA notebook to study.

Our schedule is as follows:
Wednesday-Spanish and Art
Thursday-Computer and Library