3B Ms. Barbara Young


Our "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire"social studies mural is proudly hung in the hallway and makes for a very interesting read.  Please come up and have a peek-the children have done great things indeed!  They are so funny-they were most fascinated by the chariot races and gladiators, more so than Constantine, poor guy could simply not compete with all the excitement and action of the ancient Colosseum. He appeared "dull" in comparison.

 I did the best I could, but at least they truly understand the crucial role that Christianity had on the downfall of the Empire, and that is the most important lesson of all.

Now, on to China!  Here we go on another incredible learning adventure.  You would be amazed at what the Chinese invented.  Ask your child tonight!

Our Field Day color is white-not my choice, however, no big deal.

  Tissues and paper towels would be much appreciated-Please!  We have much cleaning to do and few towels.

Your child is also responsible to have a copy of the daily homework assignments and the spelling/vocabulary words in their ELA notebook to study.

Our schedule is as follows:
Wednesday-Spanish and Art
Thursday-Computer and Library