3B's Homework

Tonight the social studies/ELA  h/w is certain to provoke conversation at home.  We studied the Great Wall of China and it's impact.  Your child is to write an opinion essay comparing the Great Wall to the proposed Mexican Border Wall and decide BASED ON HISTORY and FACTS, which were discussed at length today in class.  What are the similarities, and differences is their essay assignment.

There is no other h/w other than social studies, as it covers all areas of the curriculum.  Geography, math-(sequence and order), moral issues, history, and the science and technology that such structures require, as well as the grammar and conventions of writing a well thought out essay on how the past and future are intertwined.

Please have your child study the review words starting on page 235 on in the Spelling/Vocab book. Test this Friday.

Don't forget Sherlock Holmes-we hit a chord on that note!

Thank you for your support.

Much Love,

Our schedule is as follows:
Wednesday-Spanish and Art
Thursday-Computer and Library