Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Reading/Ela- "Wonders"
Unit 10--Thinking Outside the Box
Phonemic Awareness: u_e and st
Week 1- tube, cube, dune, tune, rule
Week 2- who, good, come, does, get
Week 3- stop, stay, start, last, past

Math- "My Math"
1st Grade Brain Challenge Work; Number Bonds, Addition Sentences and Telling time on both analog and digital clocks.

Thematic Units; Life Cycles of a Frog and a Butterfly
"Science Spin" Scholastic Weekly Reader

Social Studies- "Living, Learning, and Working Together." 

Religion- "We Believe; God Made the World"
Unit 4: Jesus Wants Us to Share God's Love
Gospel Weekly; "Promise" Workbook

"Star of the Week"
May 8th- Ryan
May 15th- Sophia
May 29th- Reggie
June 5th- Spence

Value Award for April was Cooperation; 
Congrats goes to Diego for receiving this award.

Value Award for May was Determination;
Congrats goes to Zoe H. for receiving this award.