Academic Intervention K-6

kids reading

Grade 1:  Students will identify the long e vowels and read spelling words that have the er, ir, and ur  sound.  Students will also practice the reread strategy and will read the Little Blue's Dream.  Students will write response to reading.
Grade 2:  Students will identify words with r controlled sounds  including er, ir, and ur.  Students will read What do Heroes do? They will write a response to the reading. .  Students will practice cause and effect. .
Grade 3:  Students will practice multiplication facts and division facts. Students will prepare for upcoming math test. 
Grade 4:  Studentswill review for the upcoming SS test.
Grade 5:  Student will read Molly's Slow Teeth and write about the story.  We will review for the science test.
Grade 6:  Students will solve algebraic equations and study for chapter 8 math test.