Academic Intervention K-6

kids reading

Grade 1:  Students will identify the long e vowels and read spelling words that have the oi and oy  sound.  Students will also practice the reread strategy and will read a story.    Students will write response to reading. We will begin to work on our play.
Grade 2:  Students will identify words with open and closed syllables. Students will read The Apples of Idun. They will write a response to the reading. .  Students will practice cause and effect. .
Grade 3:  Students will practice multiplication facts and division facts.  
Grade 4:  Studentswill review for the upcoming state test in math.
Grade 5:  Student will read Freckle Juice and write about the story.  We will review for the sounds of oy and oi. 
Grade 6:  Students will prepare for the state test in math.