Pre-K 2 Ms. Zerbo

April Newsletter

During the month of April, we finish our study of Lent and Easter and will begin a new unit, Plants, when we return from Easter break.

Some of the ELA standards that we will cover are: 

-With prompting and supporting, read/tell a story using a wordless picture book

-Understand and use increasingly varied and complex vocabulary

-With prompting and support, blend simple CVC (consonant - vowel - consonant) words

-Restate or directions and explanations

-Show understanding of temporal words (today, tomorrow, yesterday; before, after; first, last; beginning, middle, end)

We will finish our 4th math module, comparison of length, weight, and capacity.  This module will last until the end of the month.

The standards we will cover are:

-Compare numbers

-Describe and compare measurable attributes (length and weight)

For religion, we will continue to learn about Lent and Easter.  We will finish up our kind acts for others. It’s been nice putting smiles on people’s faces!

In science, we will learning how the spring season brings new life and we will discuss the new life we will begin to see.

During social studies, we will continue to learn about the life and work of Jesus Christ.  We are learning that Jesus spent his life spreading love to all.



Dear Families,

I would like to make you aware of the dates of important celebrations throughout this school year. There will be a symbol (*) next to the celebrations where all families are invited and a (-) symbol when specific family members are invited.  All activities will take place in the morning.

*10/31/16 - Halloween Parade

10/31/16- Halloween Party

*11/18/16 – Thanksgiving Feast

*12/21/16 – Breakfast with Santa

12/22/16 - Class Christmas Party

2/14/17 – Valentine’s Day Party

3/17/17 – St. Patrick’s Day Party

-5/12/17 – Mother’s Day Tea (Mothers invited)

-6/9/17 – Father’s Day Breakfast (Fathers invited)

*6/14/17 – Moving Up Ceremony Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. Sincerely, Ms. Zerbo