Pre-K 2 Ms. Zerbo

May/June Newsletter

During the months of May and June, we finish our study of Plants, complete an Eric Carle author study and prepare for our Moving Up Ceremony.

Some of the standards that we will cover are: 

-Perform activities requiring small muscle control

-Describe an event that one has just experienced in the past and one that will take place in the future

-With prompting and support, dictate, as a group, a retelling of a story that has been heard more than once

-When asked, point to specific examples of letters and specific examples of numerals in the classroom environment and/or on a page 

We will complete our 5th and final math module, numerals to 5, addition and subtraction stories, and counting to 20.  This module will last until the end of the year.

The standards we will cover are:

-Know number names and the count sequence

-Understand addition as adding to and subtraction as taking from

-Understand simple patterns

For religion, we will learn about Jesus’ mother, Mary.  We will celebrate Mary as a school by presenting flowers at the May crowning.

In science, we will continue to care for our flowers and we will watch the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly right in our classroom.

During social studies, we will be discussing Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and the different ways we show our parents we love them.


Dear Families,

I would like to make you aware of the dates of important celebrations throughout this school year. There will be a symbol (*) next to the celebrations where all families are invited and a (-) symbol when specific family members are invited.  All activities will take place in the morning.

*10/31/16 - Halloween Parade

10/31/16- Halloween Party

*11/18/16 – Thanksgiving Feast

*12/21/16 – Breakfast with Santa

12/22/16 - Class Christmas Party

2/14/17 – Valentine’s Day Party

3/17/17 – St. Patrick’s Day Party

-5/12/17 – Mother’s Day Tea (Mothers invited)

-6/9/17 – Father’s Day Breakfast (Fathers invited)

*6/14/17 – Moving Up Ceremony Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. Sincerely, Ms. Zerbo