April 24, 2017

Dear Families,

This week’s homework is as follows:

Monday– 1) Students practice writing their name. I included a page in each child’s notebook where they can practice tracing their first and last names. They can trace each name twice and then write them once or twice on their own (or more if they would like).  Please make sure the first letter in each name is uppercase and the rest of the letters are lowercase. Also, please monitor that your child is forming his/her letters correctly.  

Tuesday– Take a walk outside and observe some signs of spring. Then draw them in your notebook and have an adult label the pictures.  (If you are unable to go for a walk then you can cut and glue or draw some signs of spring in your notebook instead).

Wednesday – Practice tracing and/or writing the letters Dd, Gg, Oo, Ll, Ff, Bb in your notebook (if your child is having difficulty with the writing, you can have them practice writing on a vertical chalkboard or dry erase board).  Also, practice identifying the uppercase and lowercase letters  Dd, Gg, Oo, Ll, Ff, Bb and their sounds.

Thursday – 1)  Practice tracing and/or writing the numbers 6-10.  2)  Prepare “Show and Tell” by finding something in your home or outdoors that is a sign of spring and placing it in your sharing can.  

**Optional homework –  1) Read a story together.  When the story is done, the student can retell the story in sequence using temporal words (before, during, after, first, next, then, last, finally, beginning, middle, end).  An adult can record their words in the notebook. 2) Practice counting to 20.  3)  Practice number identification of numbers 0-20.  4)  Visit any of these websites:










Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.


Ms. Zerbo