Toddler Plus Mrs. Hassett

, 2018

Themes: Seeds, plants, farm animals, baby animals, Nursery Rhymes 
Literacy:  identifying letters in their names, identifying details in a story, sequencing events
Basic Concepts:   sorting by color and shape, 
Fine Motor:  Coloring,  painting, manipulating playdough
Self Help Skills:  using a book carefully, outdoor safety, cleaning up after snack and after playtime, listening to a story, 
Religion:  We are saying our morning prayers and will be singing Jesus Loves You, Jump for Joy. We are learning how we need to care for all of God's creatures. 
Math:  counting from 1-20, sorting, shapes
Music:  We will be singing songs such as, The More we Get Together,  Ring around the Rosie, The Hokey Pokey and songs about shapes.  We will also learn more nursery rhymes such as Hey Diddle, Diddle and Rain Rain go away.
Readiness:  continuous practice with colors, the shapes of ovals and rectangles, recognizing letters in their names.
Movement:  moving in different ways to music, following directions in songs, using the balance beam,  pretending to be the rain, flowers, and various animals. 
Social Studies:  We are learning to respect the flag and are saying the Pledge of Allegiance.