Toddler Plus Mrs. Hassett

Thanksgiving Turkey.png                                       
, 2017

Themes: Fall, Squirrels, Family, Turkeys, Thanksgiving
Basic Concepts:  rough and smooth, big and small, open and closed
Self Help Skills:  Cleaning up toys and after snack, sitting in a group,  putting backpacks, folders, and lunchboxes away.
Religion:  We are learning our first prayer and singing a thank you song to God.  We are learning that God wants us to share.
Math:  counting from 1-5, sorting
Music:  We are singing If God loves you and you know it, The Turkey is a funny bird, Open Shut them, The Leaves are falling, Twinkle, Twinkle Little star, Hello song.
Readiness:  the colors red, yellow, and brown
Movement:  Using scarves, moving in different ways to music, walking on a line,