Kindergarten 2 Ms. Zerbo

 Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Unit 5; Wonders of Nature
Phonemic Awareness: Hh, Ee, Ff, Rr
R.E.D. (Read Every Day) Words
Week 1- he, are, ten, with, my
Week 2- Ed, Ned, met, pet, wet
Week 3- her, be, eat, big, as

Math"My Math"
Chapter 7; Compose and Decompose Numbers to 10
Make and Take Apart Numbers to 10, Plus sign, Equal sign, Problem-Solving

STEM Challenges;
"Science Spin" Scholastic Weekly Magazine
Hibernation, Melting, Penguins

Social Studies"Living, Learning, and Working Together." 
Chapter 4; Hello, Earth!
Big Idea-Where we live affects how we live.
"Let's Find Out" Scholastic Weekly Magazine
Martin Luther King Jr, Mo Willems

Religion"We Believe; God Made the World"
Unit 3; Jesus Shows Us God's Love
Gospel Weekly; "Promise" Workbook
******Catholic Schools Week-January 28-February 2******

"Star of the Week"
January 10th- Ayalie
January 22nd-Roman

KIRA Value Award
Each month one student in each class (Kg-8th) is nominated for this award, recipients are honored during Value Award Assembly, date TBA.
November was Integrity, Congrats to Roman for receiving this award.
December was Respect, Congrats to Arianna for receiving this award.