January - February Curriculum

                      Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Reading/Ela- "Wonders"
Unit 5- "Wonders of Nature"
Phonics; Hh, Ee, Ff, Rr
RED Words
Week 1- my, are, he, with, ten
Week 2- Ed, Ned, pet, met, wet
Week 3- eat, be, big, as, her

Unit 6- "Weather for All Seasons."
Phonics; Bb, Ll, Kk, ck, review
RED Words
Week 1- is, his, was, she, little
Week 2- all,ball, tall, fall, hall
Week 3- rock, lock, kick, back, pack

Letter recognition, High-Frequency Word Stories and Interactive Read-Aloud. 

Math- "My Math"
Chapter 7; Compose and Decompose Numbers to 10
Essential Question; How can we show a number in other ways?
Make and Take Apart Numbers, Problem Solving, Act it Out 

Themes; Winter Weather, Penguins, Motion, Groundhog's Day, Healthy Teeth 
"Science Spin" and Scholastic Weekly Magazine

Social Studies- "Living, Learning, and Working Together." 
Unit 1; Hello Changes
Big Idea- Things change over time.
MLK Jr, Ruby Bridges, and StBolh Centennial Celebration!!!!

Religion- "We Believe; God Made the World"
Unit 2; God is Our Creator
Chapter 9- God Made Us
Chapter 10- God Helps Us Discover
Chapter 11- We Learn About God with Our Families
Chapter 12- We Learn About God with Our Friends.

"Star of the Week"
Jan. 7th- Titus
Jan. 14th- Ivy
Jan. 22nd- Charlotte
Feb. 4th- Matthew
Feb. 11th- Lorelei

KIRA Value Award
Each month one student in each class (Kg-8th) is nominated for this award, recipients are honored during Value Award Assembly, date TBA.
Congrats to these students for receiving this award;

September; Faith- Alexandra
October; Kindness- Lorelei
November; Integrity- Charlotte
December; Respect- Robert
January; Acceptance- Giovanni
February; Forgiveness-