September Curriculum

                      Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Reading/Ela- "Wonders"
ABC 'Boot Camp'; reintroducing a sound a day and the corresponding letter using Read-Aloud, writing and crafts.

Unit 1; Smart Start
Letter recognition, High-Frequency Word Stories and Interactive Read-Aloud. 

Math- "My Math"
Chapter 1; Numbers 0 to 5
Essential Question; How do we show how many?
Counting, Reading and Writing Numbers 0 to 5
Concept of One More and Problem Solving

Themes; All About Me and Apples
STEM Challenges; Mixing Colors, Making Rainbows & Apples 
"Science Spin" Scholastic Weekly Magazine- Squirrels, Feelings

Social Studies- "Living, Learning, and Working Together." 
Unit 1; Being A Good Citizen
Rules, Working Together, Safety, Taking Responsibility, Groups Around The World and Main Idea and Details.
"Let's Find Out" Scholastic Weekly Magazine- Class Rules, Feelings
September 11th- Patriot's Day 

Religion- "We Believe; God Made the World"
Unit 1; God Gives Us Many Gifts
Chapter 1- God Made All Things
Bible Story- In The Beginning & Craft
Chapter 2- God Gives Us Light
Bible Story- In the Beginning Refocus & Craft

"Star of the Week"

KIRA Value Award
Each month one student in each class (Kg-8th) is nominated for this award, recipients are honored during Value Award Assembly, date TBA.

** HomeWork will Begin on October 1st.