Nursery 2 - Miss. Cicio

A Look At The Week ahead:

This is our very first week of Nursery.... how exciting! It is during this week that we will be getting acquainted with each other and learning our classroom routine. First, we will learn the classroom "rules" which include: being kind, sitting quietly for circle time, raising our hands when we have something to share, cleaning up our mess and most importantly, being safe! These are simple rules but sometimes tricky for our little friends to grasp. Therefore, we will take it slow and practice, practice, practice!

This week we will be learning each other's names and try to make some connections! Making friends is not easy in the beginning of the year for some children. Therefore, we will be participating in many activities that build community within the classroom. We will be encouraging the children to share a toy, help each other, sit next to someone and maybe even play alongside another child! Wow, wouldn't that be great!

Finally, our moms and dads... we are here for you too! The first few weeks can be stressful. While we can appreciate the separation anxiety you and your child are experiencing we do encourage you to make a quick goodbye in the mornings. It is always easier for everyone if we make the transition from home to school with a short goodbye. After giving your child a hug, a kiss and an "I love you", know that they have an exciting day planned for them!

Important Dates:

Nursery Orientation: September 5th 1-2PM. Last Names beginning with A-M.
                                 September 6th 1-2PM. Last Names beginning with N-Z.
First day of school for Nursery..... Monday September 10th!


You may bring in the school supplies on the day of orientation.