Spanish 7
* The book fair visit will be on 11/30/17**

On here you will find everything you need for Spanish 7!

Due Friday 9/8/17- please have your class contract signed by your parent/ guardian

Due 9/11/17-Label the Spanish speaking countries on the world map.

Due 9/12/17-Spanish greetings handout

Due 9/15/17 -Greetings preguntas 

Due 9/18/17-Written teacher conversation with 2 students 

Due 9/19/17-Numeros worksheet

Due 9/21/17 Extra credit word search

Due 9/22/17-Numeros 30-60 worksheet

Due 9/25/17- "ar" questions after reading 

Due 9/26/17- "ar" translation handout

Due 9/27/17-"ar" workbook page

Due 9/29/17-"ar" sentences 

Due 10/2/17-"er" vero o falso 

Due 10/3/17- favorito "er" verb

Due 10/4/17-Error translation sheet

Due 10/6/17-Er/ir verb sheet 

Due 10/10/17-Start to study for test 

Due 10/16/17-Review sheet & Clock label

Due 10/17/17-Its time to practice worksheet!

Due 10/18/17-Time for classes worksheet

Due 10/25/17-Time crossword puzzle

Due 10/30/17-Test 1 corrections

Due 11/7/17-Ser worksheet

Due 11/13/17-Take home ser quiz

Due 11/14/17-Profesions with pictures handout

Due 11/15/17-Profesions cartoon questions

Due 11/17/17-Study for test