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    School is closed on:

    Feb. 17-Feb. 21
    School reopens for Toddlers 

    Friday, March 13:  Early Childhood Carnival

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  •          February 2020

    Themes:  Showing love and care, our emotions, transportation, staying healthy
    Literacy::  following simple directions, recognizing colors, singing the ABC song, 
    Religion:  Singing to God,  singing This Little Light of Mine, praying hands, praying before we eat, God loves us and we show love for each other, Lent
    Vocabulary:  mail, stamp, envelope, letter carrier, heart, triangle
    Math:  counting 1-10,  first. next 
    Music:  Hello song,
     I'm a little snowman, There's a little wheel turning in my heart
    Movement:  walking, running, galloping, on the line,  moving to music and following directions, playing simple games
    Self Help Skills:  cleaning up after playing and after snack, sharing, saying thank you and you are welcome, waiting to have a turn, using a napkin, using good manners when eating, using a tissue and disposing it 

    Parent Place​​​​​​

    Our classroom is peanut/tree nut free.  If you are sending something in for the class, please remember to send in a snack that is peanut/tree nut free.  
    Our class cares for our environment.  Please send snacks and drinks in reusable containers.